Is a fascinating continent in every respect. By nature, history and tradition, each country has something unique to offer, which contribute to the image of a continent so distant and exotic, yet so close to us.

The Forts from Oman


A circuit through the desert in Oman with a 4×4 vehicle includes spectacular fortresses, villages with adobe houses and mountain passes.  In Oman, you will find nearly a thousand castles, forts and watch towers...

Hunza Valley


This trip to the Ultar meadows, above Karimabad at Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan, offers spectacular views of the peaks of the Karakorum mountain range. People of Karimabad, Hunza Valley, will tell you that...

Eastern and Oriental Express


The only direct train between Singapore and Bangkok is a true oriental palace on wheels. Eastern and Oriental Express offers the ultimate experience in terms of modern and luxurious journey by train. Opened in...

Padmanabhapuram Palace


 Padmanabhapuram is the former capital city of the erstwhile Hindu kingdom of Travancore. It is about 20km from Nagercoil, and about 50km from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The palace complex is inside an old granite fortress...

Azerbaijan – Land of fire

azerbaijan flag

The Land of Fire, is an ancient Azerbaijani cultural concept that denoted either the entire Azerbaijan’s geographical land or the metaphysical realm of mortals and later became associated with political sovereignty and cultural symbolism. The...