The only direct train between Singapore and Bangkok is a true oriental palace on wheels.


Eastern and Oriental Express offers the ultimate experience in terms of modern and luxurious journey by train. Opened in 1993, this is the first and only express train service linking Singapore to Bangkok, a journey of about 2300 km. This train evokes an era in which he lived at low speed with more delight: the train has several restaurant wagons , a piano bar and a small library, and the tea you can drink in the compartment. The wagons windows are especially larger to provide a panoramic view, are decorated with oriental motifs and materials, the walls are covered with wood veneer marquetry, the bar and the restaurants shine by lacquered Chinese and Thai objects, richly decorated with sculptures and mirrors. In Singapore, the train goes slow to the mainland in Malaysia. In some places, rows of palm trees stretch up in the distance, the train cross the wild jungle. The trip price includes a trip to the historic George Town of Penang, you can eat on the E & O Hotel, travel by boat on the Kwai River in Thailand. The last portion of the route to Bangkok, is a smooth transition through the Thai landscape, where you can admire rivers, rice fields and water buffalo.

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Trains run about 20 times per year, with more frequent departures in February, March, September and December. Travel time is 3 days and 2 nights, starting on Wednesday in Singapore, or Sunday in Bangkok. Passengers also can get on the train in the stations on the route. It can make longer trips. We recommend booking well in advance. Arrived on the train, passengers satisfied all them desires. It is possible reductions of 25%, at departures from October to December, for the departures in the summer, you are given one-night stay at hotels in Singapore and Bangkok.



On the air platform of the observation wagon who’s found at the end of the train, you can see the railway track which disappearing into the jungle.You can enjoy dinner while the sun sets beyond the panoramic windows of the wagon restaurant.

Visit beautiful Buddhist temples and buildings with colonial architecture that adorn George Town, the capital of Penang.

Hall of George Town

Hall of George Town

Kek Lok Si temple/monastery in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Kek Lok Si temple/monastery in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia