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Santorini and Mykonos


The most mythical and seductive Greek islands of the Aegean See. Since the second half of the twentieth century, when travelers and writers like Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller immortalized the quiet life of...

Scenarios of Van Gogh

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Travelling through the province of Brabant after the strokes of the Dutch painter. The love of the countryside and farmers determine the work of Vincent Van Gogh in its infancy. He painted with his...

Mountain lakes


Discover the evocative hide gaps between some of the highest peaks in Europe. Mirrors of nature that stand out for their purity and ecological value, are the destination of attractive spring tours. Glacial lakes...

The Pantanal wildlife


Is the largest swamp on the Earth, the Pantanal covers extensive areas of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. At dusk, you can distinguish the figure of giant jabiru storks, about 1.5 meters high, whoes making...

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