A cruise on the waters of the Caribbean Sea means wonderful luxury, shopping and entertainment outdoors.


Blue, azure, turquoise are the predominant colors in the Caribbean and they are as beautiful as the emerald island group you find in St. Martin, just waiting to be discovered. Renowned for its pristine white sand beaches, palm trees swinging in the breeze of the sea, for countless coral reefs full of multicolored tropical fish and bustling cities, calypso music, the legendary islands of the Caribbean are synonymous with paradise. The best way to explore this wonderland is traveling aboard a cruise ship, where you are offered a wide range of packages for every lifestyle and every budget. Most ships offer endless entertainment on board between stopovers, golf lessons or karaoke; but shore excursions make this number one cruise destination in the world. On St. Thomas, you can shop at the duty-free renovated warehouses of XVII century. On St. Martin, you can eat at one of the many great French restaurants in the North Island. These islands have something for everyone, idyllic beaches, water sports, rum cocktails, which are combined with a rich history of trade, piracy and colonialism. To enjoy the most of your trip, book your place on a last generation boat who can experience the luxury and privacy and the romance of such cruises.

Many cruises are available all year, but the peak season and the highest prices is from December to April. Most cruises are about seven days, but longer cruises are available from 10 to 14 days, if you want to see more islands.

Casual attire is preferred, although in some cruises you need to go dress elegantly for dinner. Tropical sun is strong, take hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.


You can do snorkelling around the islands of St. Thomas and St. Martin, along a beautiful coral reef. The reefs are easily accessible offers a fantastic kaleidoscope of colors: bright yellow with black clown fish, pink anemone, orange harlequin fish and fine tentacles of red coral. Make a shopping marathon in a seaside towns, dating from the time of Christopher Columbus. Objectives include Charlotte Amalie known in St.Thomas, little Cruz Bay on St. John and duty-free shops in Philipsburg, on St. Martin. On these islands, the volcanic hills are crossed by paths that offer spectacular sea views, bays and coves crystalline and more lush tropical landscapes. Visit the lush botanical gardens with full of fragrant tropical flowers, brightly colored parrots flying from tree to tree and hummingbirds seem precious stones floating among beautiful flowers.


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